About Johnny & Sun Koo To

johnnysunkooJohnny and Sun Koo To met at Grace Christian High School in Manila, Philippines. Both were greatly influenced by American missionaries because of their quality education, zealous evangelism and living proof. They were married in 1973 and together they raised Mark. In 2009, their family was joyfully blessed with the addition of Angela, when she exchanged marriage vows with Mark to form a Christ-centered home.

When the Lord spared Sun Koo’s life from cancer in 1976 she and Johnny gratefully responded to His mercy by dedicating their lives to serve Him unconditionally. His call for vocational Christian ministry became clear in 1980. In response, Johnny entered Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, B.C. This ended his nine year career in engineering and management. Sun Koo received her Christian Education degree in 1993 from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. Together they ministered in Evangelical Chinese Church in Seattle and Renton, WA for a span of twenty four years.

From the time they began their church ministry their vision from the Lord was to develop servant-leaders for His kingdom. This over arching vision integrated their ministry to children, youth and adults in the church, mission trips or church planting. From hindsight, they felt greatly blessed to see brothers and sisters that they mentored continue to walk with the Lord and serve Him faithfully as servant-leaders in churches, Christian organizations and overseas missions.

In 2003 after twenty years in the pastorate Johnny took a sabbatical year to assess his ministry and to wait on the Lord in charting the future course for his ministry while pursuing his Doctor of Ministry studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. The Lord revealed to him that his new direction would be to partner with churches to mentor parents to disciple their children to become servant-leaders in His kingdom. The reason for this priority is because when church families become Christ-centered homes the church can become a spiritual home to singles, single-parents, two-parent families and Christians without Christian parents.

After hearing Johnny articulate God’s direction for his ministry Sun Koo eagerly embraced the vision because she is a beneficiary of faith transmitted from one generation to the next. Her family has the legacy of family altar since her great-great-grandfather who was the first Chinese pastor in Fujian province. All the ground work for her spiritual growth was done by her parents at home. Her parents impacted their three children by modeling Christ at home on top of teaching biblical truth and values. As a result, Sun Koo has witnessed the legacy of three generations of strong servant-leaders. Being raised up in a Christ-centered home has shaped her and guided her future direction in Mentoring for Christ-centered Home with great zeal and passion.

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